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Label: 5531b
The 5531 indicator is powered by the 4 to 20 mA current loop and is easily scaled to display the correct process value. Because ..
Label: n1040
The microprocessor based N1040 was conceived for low cost applications and yet achieving high degree of accuracy. It features a sh..
Label: n1050
N1050 is an advanced high performance PID temperature controller featuring a vivid LCD display in a modern design package. It comb..
Label: n1200
N1200 is an advanced self-adaptive PID controller with an algorithm that constantly monitors the process performance and adjusts ..
Label: n1500
N1500 Universal Indicator The N1500 series of Universal Process Indicators are high performance instruments used for monitoring an..
Label: n1500g
Indicator N1500G This high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high visibility at l..
Label: n2000
The N2000 Universal Process Controller is a real breakthrough in versatility for holding in one single instrument all the major fe..
Label: n3000
N3000 Big Digit Universal Process Contoller is a real breakthrough in versatility for holding in one single instrument all the maj..
Label: n321
The N321 temperature controller is used to measure, indicate, and control temperature in various systems. It accepts 4 sensor type..
Label: n321s
Differential temperature controller N321S The N321S is a controller intended for solar water heating applications. It controls the..
Label: n322
Digital temperature controller designed for heating and refrigeration purposes, equipped with 2 independent set points. It support..
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