Temperature Sensors   Digital Hand Held Thermometers   Thermowells & Thermo-Pockets

Industrial Temperature Sensors specializes in the manufacture of temperature sensors. A large variety of sensors for all industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical, process, heavy industry foundries & many more.


An array of hand held probes with digital thermometers to conform with the many health & safety standards and guidelines.


Manufactured solid drilled thermowells & fabricated thermo pockets with many process connections from threaded, flanged & sanitary type connections.

Data Acquisition Pressure & Flow Process Meters

Complete range of data acquisition products for all applications.


Pressure and flow sensors, instruments & monitoring equipment.


Process meters, indicator, controllers & counters.

Non Contact Infrared Thermometers   Precision Thermometers   Digital Thermometers

Complete range of Infrared Thermometers.


High accuracy precision thermometer.


Digital Thermometers.

Weather Monitoring   Calibration Equipment & Service   Transducers, Power Supplies & Power Monitoring

Complete range Weather Monitoring.


High Specification Calibration Instrumentation.


Electrical Power supplies & Monitoring Equipment.

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